Economy packages:

With the low-priced packages "Sun" and "Moon"all images of the package are produced from one shot. Of course, you can choose yourself which shot we use for the set.

For the other packages, you can select different shots for the set. To do this, click on "Swap photo (s)" and select the desired photo. This exchange of the picture can be done for every print product, also the download pictures can be chosen freely.

To complete the selection, please click on "Add to shopping cart", the savings package is then added to the shopping cart.

Single products:

However, if you want to decide for yourself from which photograph you would like to order which print product, the view "Single products" is the right one. After clicking on "Individual products", the information display changes and you can now view and order portrait photos, class photos and friendship photos.

If you want to order individual photos, simply click on the desired picture, then you will see on the computer screen on the right or on your mobile phone under the picture the options that are available for this picture.

It is possible to order colour pictures in different sizes, stickers, gift articles or even a download of the picture.

Simply select the desired product and place it in the shopping basket. For each product, the corresponding price can be seen.

Further information on ordering:

  • The digital download of the images will be provided as a download link after payment.
  • The shopping cart shows an overview of all ordered products.
  • In the shopping cart, you can change the cropping of each photo by clicking on "Photo cropping and editing".
  • If you are also ordering stickers or ID card images, it is important to determine the image crop exactly. This is especially true if you choose a picture where the person can be seen from head to toe. We produce the pictures in the way you specify the image detail.

If you have a voucher, please enter it at the end of the shopping basket under "overwrite existing voucher code".

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